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Coaching your staff for a big event.
Even for the most experienced executive can start to feel robotic and stiff in their presentations. It takes experience and skill to achieve an authentic “performance” to elicit emotional appreciation to the audience conveying the corporate ideals.Patrick Raymond Clapping I can spearhead a “Speakers Forum” event working with and utilizing the best storytellers within an organization to achieve the best results.Speaker – Patrick Raymond

Having a professional speaker who understands how to bring out the best of all of the storytellers on-stage is the key to successfully telling your company’s story at your events. Insure your story will live happily ever after.

There’s nothing more profitable to a business than employees who can connect with the consumer and move them to action while converting them to clients for life. Today, presentations and public speaking are very much a part of the diversified skill base required of employees and executives. Effective speaking is what distinguishes the successful employee and professional from everyone else. The skills required to be a confident speaker are critical to the success of any business and corporate image and yet public speaking is quite often overlooked. Being the #1 fear of most people it is a key element in giving your staff that extra step up needed to rise above the competition. Just one extra sale often covers the cost of training an entire sales force. One saved customer can easily justify the cost of customer service training.

You know and understand the importance to train your sales and presentation staff, yet unable to locate the proper trainer, speaker, or workshop leader. Maybe you’re too busy or you have no idea where to look.

Professional speaker Patrick Raymond offers customized programs for your sales and training personnel providing proven presentation and speaking methods. Learn to use powerful tools and techniques to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience as well as increasing your sales