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You can be the best at whatever it is you do ~ whether it be engineering, finance, operations, sales marketing, or law. If you want your company to succeed, it’s imperative to inject fresh oxygen into the pond. The Executive Program offers The Too Kit that will give any organization the opportunity to take the lead in their field.

Bill Gates told us “Everybody needs a coaching program”  in his 2010 TED Talk.

Likewise, Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, reiterates that in an interview with Forbes magazine stating the best advice he ever received was to get an executive coach with new innovative ideas and credits Bill Campbell for his success at Google.

Patrick Raymond with the Inside the BoX Executive Program specializes in Executive Brand Coaching Seminars.
At their core, the seminars focus are two fold:

1) increasing a business professional’s awareness and understanding of the company and it’s brand,
2) being aware of how that company and brand are perceived by it’s potential client base.

These seminars empower company professionals with the necessary skills to effectively represent the company and it’s brand creating the basis for customer attraction and loyalty.

More commonly offered to high-ranking executives, this program has gained popularity and is now being offered to professionals at all organization levels; business, corporate, professional, leadership and management coaching.

Why Book Patrick Raymond?

Your Brand is “what others say about You,
Your Company and The Service The Company Provides.”

Understanding and Controlling Your Brand’s Narrative is Imperative for Success

  • Patrick Raymond is an alchemist in inspiring his audience and great things happen as a result!
  • He facilitates individuals and group awareness in creating brand communication and service strategies, which deliver top results and turn customers into Loyal Evangelists.
  • He facilitates companies and individuals to focus on relationship branding thereby creating loyalty resulting in an impact on the bottom line.
  • Patrick helps your team understand the difference between a “typical service” and an “innovative experience”.

Patrick Raymond takes his thirty plus years of business ownership, employee relationship expertise, and customer experience savvy, and wraps it into a comprehensive, easy to implement energetic program that will benefit all.
The skills required to be a confident speaker are critical to the success of any business and corporate image…and yet public speaking is often overlooked. Corporate “Sales and Customer Service” techniques and skills.

Executive Brand Coaching Seminar

Introduction to executive company branding:
Starts with the business professional’s self-awareness in how they represent the business and what it stands for.

  • 3 No-No’s when speaking to a group
  • Crafting an Elevator Pitch that makes a contact
  • 3 Do’s when speaking to a group

2 hour seminar. 10 employees or less $1,200.00 –  Pivotal Synergy members: $699
4 hour seminar. 30 employees or less $1,800.00 –  Pivotal Synergy members: $999

NOTE: Food and room not included in the fee

Full Package Seminars includes the Introduction to Company Branding Seminar
Packages below will include individual reviews and accountability tracking for 6 months.
Scheduled monthly seminars.

  1. What do buyers and sellers want?
  • Stop selling!!!
  • Speaking to your client’s WHY
  • We are all buyers and sellers

2 hour seminar. – For 10 employees
4 hour seminar. – For 30 employees

  1. Your Personal Assessment
  • Why are you talking to me about colors
  • Determining your client’s primary colors & how that makes all the difference!
  • Franco Colantonio full personality assessment

1 hour seminar.-  For 10 employees
Scheduled time for assessment review

  1. Relationship Trust Brand?
  • Relationships for the long term
  • Leveraging relationships for referrals
  • Relationship calibration opportunities

2 hour seminar. – For 10 employees
4 hour seminar.-  For 30 employees

  1. Creative solutions
  • Inside the box
  • Creative mastermind groups
  • Creative marketing and branding strategies

2 hour seminar. -10 employees or less $5,699.00 – For Pivotal Synergy members cost: $3,299
4 hour seminar. – 30 employees or less $8,699.00 – For Pivotal Synergy members cost: $4,699

  1. Recap and Review


What process and framework do I use?

 The process is tailored to the company’s needs.  For example, if the client finds it most helpful to brainstorm solutions and  current challenges, that’s becomes the framework.
Executive programs often have a wide range of assessment tools at their disposal pertaining to  personality tests and, leadership skills assessment.

How do they measure results?


An executive program is a “Return on Expectations” rather than the more common “Return on Investment.”  Return on Expectations refers to what the client hopes to achieve as a result of the staff engagement. Because of this, it is critically important the engagement begin by outlining and designing the client’s desired outcomes.

Branding is determined by “what others say about you and your service.”
Control the narrative.

Patrick Raymond
805 929-8491h or 805 748-1377c

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