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Own the room.
One way conversation happens when others envisions themselves in your message.  
Storytelling is key to an effective impactful presentation…
Life happens to us and which are the elements to a great story. 
Storytellers own the conversation that captures the hearts and minds of the audienceLet me help you form your story.

Why Is Having an Elevator Pitch So Important?

You only have 30-60 seconds to make a powerful first impression. The attention span of the average person is 30 sec long.
You have one chance to make a memorable 1st impression.
Contact Me to schedule your one-to-one video time. Currently there a few hour left.
Cost is $1.25 per minute. 1 hr minimum = $75

Contact Me to schedule speaking center one-to-one video time.
Speech Coach Patrick Raymond

I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic two hours of speech coaching today I appreciated all of your expertise experience and wisdom and insights. You uncovered many of my weaknesses that I need to strengthen thank you for taking the time to review my speech analyze my speech and give me tips and tricks and strategies that I can apply to my speech today so that I can make it better. All of the advice that you’ve given me was equivalent to a three day seminar. I can implement immediately your information and coaching in my speech now. It was two hours very well spent and worth twice the amount!
Thank you!
Chris DeCollibus Owner of We do windows Inc